Benefits To Members

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on 29 January 2015
  • To provide library clients with the benefits of activities which are designed to provide fast and efficient access to the universities library/information resources
  • Members are able to purchase online scholarly databases collectively through the consortium at a much cheaper price as compared to subscribing individually.
  • Publishers of scientific and scholarly information are actively encouraging and cooperating enthusiastically with libraries that gather together in consortia to obtain cost-effective bulk pricing agreements for the purchase of on-line versions of existing journals and other databases.
  • To participate in the planning, organisation and management of cooperative activities.
  • To demonstrate to the university and institutional authorities and to the public that the librarians and libraries of universities and institutions can provide a leadership role in building an information network which contributes to the long-term academic and professional goals of the communities they serve.
  • Make an impact; CUUL membership provides a way to extend the reach of your organisation’s impact. Members increase their institution’s visibility and build connections by sharing the results of research and study, serving on a multi-institutional committee, or hosting a CUUL event. Members have the opportunity to contribute to future CUUL publications and to help determine the future direction of this consortium.
  • Collaborate at conferences, workshops and events, and also soon through an online member mailing list. CUUL members keep in touch and work together. Members share knowledge and advice, form lasting partnerships, and seek new ways to collaborate both in person and at a distance. The CUUL forges alliances with leaders in industry as well as education to provide its membership with a broad network of expertise from which to draw.
  • Active membership in CUUL denotes significant involvement in a respected professional community.


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on 29 January 2015
Jonh Doe
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How to join

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on 15 January 2015

Criteria for membership are outlined in the constitution of the consortium:

  •     A library of an institution of higher learning or research within Uganda.
  •     License and Accredited through the National Council of Higher Education.
  •     Payment of an annual membership fee.
  •     Demonstrated commitment to provision of information resources and services appropriate to the mission of the institution.
  •     Provision of onsite access to faculty, staff, and students of other consortium institutions.
  •     Participation in the committee, activities and consortium projects.
  •     Approval of membership by Executive Committee.

Associate membership status is available to libraries in other higher learning and research institutions. Libraries must meet the criteria that apply for full membership and are required to participate in consortial activities and access agreements.

Full Membership fees: 750,000/- per calendar year; paid to the bank account below:

Associate membership fees: 450,000/- per calendar year; paid to the bank account below:

Account details:

Bank name: Standard Chartered Bank Uganda Ltd

Account name: Consortium of Uganda University Libraries

Account Number: 01020-124449-00


Membership Types

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on 15 January 2015

Our constitution provides for three types of institutional membership:

  •     Full membership (University Libraries of both public and licensed private universities, and other licensed degree awarding institutions
  •     Affiliate membership (Research, government parastatal bodies and other special libraries
  •     Honorary membership (bestowed upon those partners in development whether individuals or groups within and without Uganda)